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Best Alternatives to Voicemod

Best Alternatives to Voicemod

Voicemod is a really powerful tool. You can change your voice in real-time while you are talking on the phone. There are many alternatives to Voicemod that offer similar features and services. Some of these alternatives include.

Voice Transformer

Voice Transformer is one of the best free voice changer apps. It is available for both Android and IOS devices and it has a huge online community on Reddit and YouTube. You can use this app to change your voice and it is free of cost.

Big Brother Voice Changer

Voice Changer by Sound Bros is one of the best alternatives to Voicemod app. It is free to use and has a ton of features. Users can change their voice to any other gender. It can also change the voice to a kid or a baby. The app has a lot of effects to choose from. 

Users can add effects to their voice in real time. It also has a live preview mode. It means users can hear the modified voice before recording. It has a good user interface and is easy to use. The app is compatible with Android.


Voice FX is a free android app that lets you change your voice from male to female or from female to male. It can also change your voice to make you sound like a robot, cartoon character, alien, etc. The app can also change your voice pitch. It is not as advanced as Voice Mod, but it works fine with the free version.


AutoTune is a famous audio processing software available for both Windows and Mac users. You can use it to deepen your voice or turn your voice into a robot-like voice. It also has an in-built voice modulator that can be used to change your voice into different styles. 

With AutoTune, you can increase the pitch of your voice to the maximum without any distortion or alteration of the audio quality. AutoTune is also famous among gamers as it is an essential tool for voice-overs. It also has a built-in recording studio that comes with a set of high-quality vocal effects.


This is a great alternative to Voicemod app. VoiceMaster is available for free. You can tweak the voice by changing the pitch, tempo, echo, etc. The app supports various audio file formats. You can also use this app for recordings. You can record audio using the app. The app also has various voices that you can use. These voices are of various languages.

The app also has various audio effects that you can use while recording audio. The app is very easy to use. However, the app is not available for iOS users. This is not compatible with Mac.

23 Sep 2021